Sunday, 29 June 2014

Announcement: We've Moved!!!!

No, no I'm not quite mad enough to move house at almost 7 months pregnant!  I would actually love to move house but that's an entirely different post altogether!  I'm talking about moving blogs!  I first blogged under Labour of Love, followed by where we are now at Mummy and the Boy but now with girl bumps pending arrival fast approaching I thought it would be appropriate to blog under a name that is about us all - mummy, daddy, Alfie and girl bump after all - it won't just be Mummy and the boy after September!

I made the decision a few weeks ago and have had lots of help from very lovely people and want to take the opportunity to thank them in everything they have done for me these last few weeks!

The lovely Chelle at Unique Chic - without Chelle I would never have done this!  Chelle pretty much set it all up for me so that all I had to do was go in - tweak the design a little and! Thank you lovely xx

I've had some fantastic design work by Adele over at Blue Lights Photography.  Adele and I have been friends for years and I am a massive fan of her work so I am extremely excited and grateful at how kind she has been helping me.

I've also had a little help from Donna at Redhead Baby Led and Mummy Munch at Life With Munchers.  Thanks for answering the constant silly little questions girls!

I have also had a lot of support from my lovely friend Jayne at Pink Sweetheart who has encouraged and supported me with every blog I have written (and also let me know when I've misspelt something or made a grammatical error!).

So without further ado - I would like to introduce my very lovely blog with huge thank you to all the people I've mentioned and my lovely readers.  I've always loved blogging and now I have a lovely new blog over at:

Monday, 2 June 2014

Planning for birth

For those of you who know me or read my blog regularly will know that I'm not one for structure - I'm more of a "suck it and see" kinda gal.  I wouldn't necessarily say I'm laid back, although my mother would completely disagree here probably saying "our Amy is so laid back, she's horizontal".  I just prefer to go with the flow; I find it so much easier dealing with stressful situations if I deal with it as it happens.  Preparation for a lot of people is key to dealing with stressful moments - they need timescales, rotas, planning and routine.  I'm all for whatever works for you - I have no strong opinions on how anything should be done especially where parenting is concerned. 
I didn't have a birth plan when Alfie was born which is just as well really considering how quickly it happened.  I was open to anything and everything and clearly remember screaming I wanted an epidural (didn't bloody get one!) and I certainly didn't plan for haemorrhaging!  I'm still of the same mind set - what will be will be and I will see what happens when the time comes for it however this time I do want to be a little more "prepared".  I don't mean I'm going to write a list out, laminate it and keep it as a bible for birth but I do want to feel a little more in control when it comes to the time.  I've booked some hypnobirthing classes that start in June and the lovely @Mummy_and_Wifey is sending me her hypnobirthing books so I can read up too.  When I had Alfie, I hadn't really heard of hypnobirthing so it never occurred to me to give it a go.  Mr L is slightly sceptical but the midwife running the classes said that's quite normal.  I didn't have any drugs when I gave birth to Alfie although it certainly wasn't by choice, it just happened too quickly.  I'm not saying I don't want to have any drugs this time around - hypnobirthing for me is about learning to cope and handle labour better.  So that's number 1 on my "list"
On to number 2 - I'd really, really like a water birth.  I've spoken to lots of people and they speak so positively about birthing in water.  My main "resource" has been the lovely Donna over at Redhead Baby Led  who has had two home water births.  I did want a home birth but the consultant and midwives have deemed it unsafe due to my previous PPH (post partum haemorrhage).  It's still unclear as to whether or not I'll be able to have a water birth because of the previous PPH - ideally I'd like to labour AND give birth in the water but at the very least I'd like to labour in the water.  Our chosen hospital has recently undergone a serious upgrade in the maternity department and the labour suite now has 3 birthing pools plus an additional blow up pool should the others be in use.  Previously, there was only 1 pool which hadn't worked for years!  I've heard wonderful things about what water can do for the pain and if it's a natural way of pain relief - I'm there (hate needles so drugs aren't top of my list for this reason!).
Last but not least, I'd really like to go home as soon as possible but again, this all depends on the blood loss.  I'm more at risk to another PPH so if this happens, obviously hospital is the best place for me and baby but I'd really really like to go home the day or day after having girl bump after all, there's no place like home!  I spent almost a week in hospital with Alfie and it was awful being away from Mr L so much and not being in a comfortable surrounding.
That's it really, the rest of it (and the above really) are all down to what happens when it comes down to it!  No plan, no heart setting just going with the flow!

Friday, 30 May 2014

Alfie Birthday Questionnaire






1. What is your favourite colour?



2. What is your favourite toy?

 Train set and race cars


3. Who is your favourite person?

 Mummy is my best friend (I find this highly amusing as he is normally very much a daddy's boy!)


4. What is your favourite food?

Granddad egg (he means scrambled egg bless him!) and bread and milk


5. What is your favourite animal?

Reindeer (I have NO idea where he got this from! And it was his first answer! Brilliant)


6. What is your favourite book?

 Train book (he actually means transport book that happens to have one train in it)


7. What is your favourite song?

Baabaa black sheep - he sings this constantly at the moment.


8. What is your favourite game?

Playing outside


9. What is your favourite thing to watch on TV?

Nemo (I find this dead bizarre because he hasn't watched it in ages!)


10. Who is your best friend?

Joseph and Mia and Izzy.
This is really cute - Alfie and Joseph have been in nursery together since they were 9 months old - they were even in hospital together at one point (different illnesses) and now they are going up to the "big room" in the next few months.  Mia and Izzy are girls that live on our street - when we are home and the weather is nice, they all play outside together as our streets back gardens all have gates through each of them so we have access to everyone's back gardens.



Mummy & Daddy


1. What's the best thing Alfie has done this last year?



Alfie has done so much this last year, it's hard to know what the best thing is because every day he does something amazing or funny.  I definitely think having his two operations was the best thing because of what he (and we) went through.  He was extremely brave and resilient.  He's come out of it just fine and is a confident, lovely little boy.  I'm just glad for now, it's over with.



Learning to ride his three wheeler on his own - he's been so adamant that he wants to "do it my own" as he says and finally he's cracked it!  Next stop: mini moto!


2. What is the most noticeable change in Alfie?



His speech - the things he says amazes me completely, I can have a full blown conversation with him and it's great.  He's also really funny - just the other day he saw the laptop on the floor which was in his way - he said "that bloody mummy" - I was in stitches!



His speech and the conversations we have together are just great.  We are really close and have our own little conversations that mummy doesn't know about (I do know about these guys they just think I don't!)


3. What are you looking forward to most in the next year?



Alfie becoming a big brother - he's so excited about his baby sister already, kissing and cuddling my bump.  He keeps telling us he's going to show her how to be good (sometimes, I think that's debatable!) and he's going to read her stories and share his toys with her!



Not one thing, just everything.  I love being Alfie's daddy and we have so much fun together I'm just looking forward to every single moment with him.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

What NOT to say to a pregnant woman: Part 5

I'm doing this post a day early as I have a special post scheduled for tomorrow to mark Alfie's THIRD BIRTHDAY (I may cry).
I'm starting to realise that people are not only inconsiderate but they are also completely inappropriate and don't think before they speak.  The comments keep rolling in - with some that get said weekly: "are you sure there's only one in there" or "you'll not be able to wear that much longer" to some that are bloody annoying "when are you coming back from maternity leave" and "is this the last one now".  I mean seriously, why do people think it's OK to say these things?!  Here are this weeks pearlers - hopefully next week I'll be able to share some of your experiences so please comment below or drop me an email!
1.  You don't want an August baby *said with disgusted look on face*
Firstly, girl bump is due in SEPTEMBER and whilst I'm fully aware she could be early - I'm really noth bothered if she arrives in August, early September or late September.  My only concern is that she arrives healthy.  Apparently August babies have a harder time at school - if I think she is too young to go to school, I'll defer her for a year.  Please don't give me your opinions on when my baby should be born considering I don't have much choice in the bloody matter!  If she comes early, I can't cross my bloody legs for a few days and hold her in!
2. "Another antenatal appointment"
Yes, another - I'm not having any more or less than the average pregnant woman.  The appointments are for mine and baby's health so bog off.
3. "If they offer you induction, take it" (said to me when I mentioned midwife said consultant MAY want to induce me a little earlier because of the SPD)

With Alfie, I was booked in for induction on the Thursday but thankfully he arrived on his own speed on Monday 30th May and I am so bloody glad he did!  I have decided that unless it is for the health of me or my baby (SPD excluded) then I will be refusing induction.  I am a great believer of the saying "baby will come when she is ready" - I'm not against anyone who is induced it's just not what I want.  I've done research, talked to the midwife and people who have had inductions and feel I'm making an informed decision.  Funny, the person who said no1 to me also said this - doesn't make much sense really does it!
4. "Hypnobirthing will go out of the window when it comes to it"
Oh right because you're dead experienced in hypnobirthing aren't you?  I'm not in the least bit sceptical but if I was, I have spoken to enough people to know it can and does work for lots of women.  I suffer with anxiety so the techniques that I will be taught will stay with me forever - a great tool to have.  Apparently I should accept every drug on offer and enjoy it!  Yeah, no thanks.
5.  Why are you dressing to LOOK pregnant?
Erm...I kind of AM pregnant - 6 months pregnant - it's very hard NOT to look pregnant!! I dress for comfort!  My friend Katie said I should have responded saying "Why do you dress to look like a *c u next Tuesday*?"  I wish I had!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Things NOT to say to a pregnant woman: Part 4

Another week has passed, another lot of things to add to my list.  I seriously wonder if people were taught to think before they speak.  If you want to catch up on the previous weeks, select the links below.

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3

1.  "Pregnancy isn't an illness you know"

Well done doctor Spoc!  No, it isn't an illness but you can get ILL whilst being pregnant and get this, some illnesses ARE caused by pregnancy.  I feel shit enough as it is, without you telling me I'm not ill, just pregnant.
2. "They didn't have SPD in my day"

In  your day?  Was that way back when God was a lad?  SPD has always existed you moron it just happens to be more recognised nowadays.  It's painful enough without me having to endure your lectures on how women are so whiney with pregnancy "these days" - sod off before I whack you with my crutch.
3. "Alfie won't like not being an only child anymore"

Of course he'll need to adjust but he's as excited as we are about the baby.  We are involving him as much as we possibly can.  He may not be an only child anymore but he WILL be a big brother which is WAY cooler anyway.
4. "You always need a pee" *said in sarcastic tone*

That may have something to do with a tiny human using my bladder as a water bed or punch bag.  I'm not going to the toilet to get away from you or work...oh wait...!

5. "Is Mr L having the snip after this one then"

HAHAHAHAHA go and ask him and see what response you get!  What an awful question.  Were your parents both sterilised once they realised what a moron they'd brought into the world?

See you same time next week with another list of rubbish things people actually say!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Project B - Box 3 Review

After reading a review by the lovely Chelle at Unique and Chic and tweets about Project B, I thought I would give it a go myself.  I used to be a regular subscriber to Glossybox which is the same idea - a monthly box of treats delivered to your door but Glossybox was more beauty based - project B is about mummy and baby.
What is Project-B?
"Project-B is a subscription gift service for pregnant women. You sign up to receive a beautiful monthly box, delivered to your door, designed to help you on your pregnancy journey. Each box aims to guide you through each month with nurturing products, expert information and helpful tips. Each box nestles approximately five products, from relaxation, to healthy eating, to household items, to pampering, as well as expert advice on your pregnancy month, a recipe to make, an exercise to try out and details on what to think about buying."

"Each month you'll receive products, from relaxation, to healthy eating, to household, to pampering, plus expert advice to match your month of pregnancy. You can sign-up for any month from 12 weeks"
There are quite a few different monthly pregnancy boxes out there however I think Project B is one of if not the cheapest one available at £14 per month with no delivery fee.  It comes in a cardboard box which is fully recyclable (it's actually quite lovely for a cardboard box) and the contents are beautifully wrapped like a little gift!  There are 7 boxes in total and the idea is you receive one for stages of your pregnancy.  There's even one for when baby arrives!
  • Box 1 - Month 4 or 12-15 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 2 - Month 5 or 16-19 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 3 - Month 6 or 20-24 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 4 - Month 7 or 25-29 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 5 - Month 8 or 30-34 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 6 - Month 9 or 35-39 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 7 - Baby's arrived/Congratulations Box

    When I received my box, I was really excited to open it - come on, who doesn't enjoy receiving packages in the post?!  I wasn't disappointed at all - the box I received is pictured below.
    Picture of the box contents
    Quick overview of the contents:
    Divine fair trade chocolate:  OK I'm not going to lie this was my favourite bit of the box - not only did I get a parcel in the post but it had CHOCOLATE in there?! Winner!
    Teapigs Tea:  Not normally one for fruity teas, I gave them a try anyway and they're really nice and refreshing.  It's healthier than drinking a proper cuppa but still sweet enough to help those sugar cravings I get so often!
    Urban Veda Face Wash & Polish:  My skin is rubbish anyway but unfortunately pregnancy only highlights this more - I don't know what that pregnancy glow is all about but I sure as hell don't get it!  Nice products to use and great for those all important pamper evenings all pregnant women should have!
    Apdotherm Stretchmark Cream (2 tubes):  Stretchmarks don't necessarily bother me but that doesn't mean I like them either.  I've got varying different stretchmark lotions and potions that I use on different days so it was nice to add these samples to my collection!
    Femfresh Daily Intimate Wash:  I'll be honest here I've never really got the whole intimate wash thing.  I have regular baths and showers and never have an issue but I guess it's not a bad thing to try and as it's a travel size it's perfect for the hospital wash bag.
    What to buy for your baby book:  I haven't had chance to read this yet but I did flick through it and it seems like a handy little book to have.  It's definitely a great idea for first time mums who have no clue where to start.  Thankfully for us, we have most things but it's still nice to browse...
    Pregnancy Cards, Recipe Cards & Info Cards:  What a fabulous idea - A5 cards that tell you about your stage of pregnancy and recipes.  I love the recipe cards, what a great addition!
    After reading Chelles blog, I'm really looking forward to next months box!
    [Disclaimer: I was not asked to review my Project B box, I paid for it myself and wanted to praise it on my blog!]

    Sunday, 18 May 2014

    My Pledge 2 Play

    My memories of childhood are filled with playing outside, adventure, imagination, make believe, magic and fun.  I was always dirty from digging for buried treasure in the front garden with my friend (we used to bury little trinkets in each others gardens as gifts!).  I was always puffing and panting from running around playing "tig" or hide and seek or riding my bike or roller skating.  My lungs were filled with fresh air, my eyes were filled with wonder and my mind was filled with imagination.  Mr L has similar memories of childhood - he often reminisces of being outside all the time playing with his friends, getting up to mischief or just generally being a child.  I'd never heard of mobile phones until I hit my early teens and even then, they weren't a big deal.  I watched television but it was only to watch a favourite programme or film - I never sat there for hours on end.  Looking back, I remember my childhood as being fun.

    These days (sorry if I sound like your mum/dad/gran/gramps here!) kids are often stuck to a screen of some kind and it's usually because their parents are.  There's been times we have visited soft play and the mums sit on a table, coffee in one hand, phone in the other, facebooking whilst their child runs around burning energy off.  I've done it myself, sat Alfie in front of the television with a DVD on and sat on my phone tweeting or facebooking or just generally browsing the internet.  Just because you're in the same room as your child, doesn't mean you're spending quality time with them.  This weekend, I saw Alfie's imagination blossom and it was so nice to see my little boy pretend playing.  It made me realise even more how quickly he is growing up.  With girl bump on the way, I want to spent as much time with Alfie as I can - doing things HE wants to do.  His world is going to be turned upside down in a few months when his baby sister arrives and I don't want him to feel neglected or pushed out now or then.  I want to build memories with Alfie that are similar to my own childhood memories and I want him to know that mummy and daddy always have time for him and he comes first.  Television and social media are a part of our lives now but its how we choose to manage them.  I'm choosing to neglect telly and my phone over neglecting Alfie's needs.  He needs to play to learn and grow as a person and I want us to do it as a family.
    I'm going to start by instilling a "no phone" rule - this will be from 5pm until 8pm on weekdays when Alfie goes to bed and even after he's in bed we won't be using them as much so Mr L and I have time for each other as a couple too.  The exception to the rule is to take photographs or answer calls - if someone is texting or sending a facebook message, it isn't urgent.  Weekends will be limited phone use too and will be dictated by what Alfie wants to do - if he wants to play trains then play trains we shall!  Television will be limited to an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening (unless illness strikes and then it'll be Disney all the way!).  Sometimes Alfie wants to play on his own or with the neighbours kids which is fine but I want him to know that mummy and daddy are here to play too
    Today we will be mostly outside in the glorious sunshine, painting plant pots ready for growing some seeds.  We may even chuck in a visit to see my dad who has the most amazing garden that Alfie loves to explore - I'm thinking water play, hide and seek and a little picnic for lunch.
    If you haven't already - go check out @Pledge_2_Play on twitter for ideas on creative and imaginative play.  I've taken the Pledge 2 Play - will you?
    Let the fun commence!