Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Year of the Tantrum

Where has my quiet, sweet, adorable baby gone? OK so perhaps quiet is
pushing it a little far considering like his mummy, Alfie has never been quiet in his life. The kid even SLEEPS loud! But gone are the days of quiet times, relaxing on the sofa whilst having cuddles and a cuppa (the cuppa would be for me might I add). Gone are the days of quietly playing with his train set. Gone are the days of sitting quietly whilst watching Mr Tumble or Finding Nemo on repeat. Gone are the days of my baby boy.

Alfie has just turned 20 months and his short temper is on par with the likes of Cain Dingle, Phil Mitchell and Tom from Tom and Jerry. If he can't wear the shoes he wants to wear because they don't FIT him anymore - he throws a wobbler. If I give him weetabix after showing him everything in the cupboard available and him nodding when he asks for "more" (more is is way of asking for something to eat) but actually what he REALLY wants is a yogurt or some toast then I'd better watch my back! Tell him it's time to change his bum and I may as well have just insulted his favourite toy with the screaming objection I get back in my face. How dare I even CONSIDER getting him dressed on a morning? How very rude of me I think after 10 minutes of him screaming and stomping his feet on the floor. His tantrums are HUGE. Screaming, shouting, protesting, hitting, biting, nipping, throwing something at whoever the tantrum is aimed at and more. I reckon if he could talk more he'd probably give me the two finger salute at times and tell me what he
REALLY thinks of my request to change his dirty nappy.

I realised last night that although we have been suffering with tantrums for a while now, they are getting progressively worse with each day that goes by.
Or rather each unreasonable (in Alfie's eyes) request I ask of him. After sleeping so well for 3 weeks, I thought I had cracked it - he was going to bed alone no problems and sleeping through. The other week, he changed his mind and decided that actually mummy NO I WILL NOT GO TO BED AND DO AS YOU ASK I WILL SCREAM AND SHOUT AND EXHAUST YOU EVEN MORE. And so after a week I admit I had had enough and last night, I went back to where we started by leaving him for 10 minutes at a time, no talking and just putting him back in bed. How very terrible of me was Alfie's opinion. He was like a caged animal. A prisoner behind bars. He actually was. He's in a bed now because he was trying to climb out of his cot and it became unsafe for him to be in there so we decided a bed with a gate on his door was the safer option. He literally threw his toys (and cushions, books, clothes out of his drawers, teddy bears, drink of water and a coat hanger) out of his bedroom onto the landing. He grabbed the safety gate and shook it like a crazed prisoner. At
one point, we were sure he had either pulled it off or the door frame had come off with how loud he was being. Thankfully 40 minutes later all was quiet and he was fast asleep.....

But really, he's 20 months with four months yet of being 1 year old. FOUR
MONTHS until he is two. I somehow feel cheated. The terrible twos have started early. I am now living in fear of tantrums 2013 had to be the year of all years for it to happen didn't it. The year of the tantrum.

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