Thursday, 20 March 2014

Pregnancy Diary: Week 15

The last time I posted, I mentioned my disappointment in not being able to have a home birth. Since then, I've tried to concentrate on the positives because I am determined to have a positive birth experience regardless of the situation. I've thought long and hard about lots of things to do with the labour and birth and once I'm clear in my own mind, I'll post my birth plan notes. I say birth plan it's more of a list of things I'd like to happen with certain situations but at the end of the day, my only goal is to birth a healthy baby and however I do that is fine with me. 

Today I am 15+5 and I've been diagnosed with SPD, diastis recti and back problems caused by relying on my back too much because of the other two conditions. I've been given strict instructions including using the stairs TWICE a day only: getting up in the morning and going to bed at night. We don't have a downstairs toilet - that may pose a problem but wait! The physio has given me some suggestions. I can borrow a portaloo OR put a potty on a chair! How I kept a straight face, I don't know. These instructions I just can't keep to. I'll try not to go upstairs unless I need the bathroom but there's no way I'm shitting in a potty in the middle of my dining room! The other instructions are how to sit, lay, move, what I can and can't carry etc. etc. I've also been given some exercises and an appointment in two weeks.

Yesterday I had my first reflexology session. A friend has reflexology regularly and after a bit of research, I decided to give it a go. I loved every minute and my reflexologist, Jane was fantastic! I'm having sessions once a month until 37 weeks where I'll start to have them weekly. I'll post a more detailed post another day.

Thoughts and feelings:

Girl or boy? 
I think boy, hubs thinks girl!

Going on the size I am now, about 9lb (Alfie was 8lb 8)

Food, sleep and mooning over baby stuff

Work, unsupportive people and impatience

None as yet!

Feel the odd "swish" but nothing massive yet!

Alfie's take on things?
There's a baby in mummy's tummy. The sex changes daily when you ask him. We're going to call it "baby". He shows his scan photo of the baby off to everyone!

Plans? Buys? Names?
Nothing fixed yet just seeing how it goes for now!


  1. Oh this is so exciting!!! Not long and you'll be having your 20 week scan!! x

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