Thursday, 6 March 2014

We're Having A Baby!

One of the last posts I wrote was about how much I longed for a little pink line on a pregnancy test. On New Years Day, I got my wish! A pretty awsome way to start the year I must admit! It was completely unexpected. I was a day late but nonetheless I sat and waited for a big fat negative. 13 weeks and 5 days on, I'm only just getting my head around the fact it's actually happening! There's a baby growing inside me. A perfect baby brother or sister for my little man. 

We had our 12week scan on Tuesday and baby would not cooperate. It took two separate attempts separated by 30 minute intervals to get what the sonographer needed! All in all I was probably scanned for 30 mins. Afterwards we saw the healthcare assistant followed by the midwife. I explained I wanted a home birth to which the midwife said I would be strongly advised against it and both her and a consultant explained why. I can see their point and whilst I know a hospital birth would be safer for both me and baby, I can't help feel disappointed and sad. 

I'll leave it at that for now and once I have my head around it all, I'll post more. I shall leave on a positive with a picture of my scan!


  1. I know I've known for a while Amy, but congratulations again to Alfie, Daddy Lewis and yourself. I'm so happy for you all xxx

  2. I am so happy for you, tears in my eyes reading this. I know that I knew before this post but seeing it there in back and white, your much longed for and wanted baby, I am so incredibly happy for you. Much love to the Lewis Family :) xx