Sunday, 29 June 2014

Announcement: We've Moved!!!!

No, no I'm not quite mad enough to move house at almost 7 months pregnant!  I would actually love to move house but that's an entirely different post altogether!  I'm talking about moving blogs!  I first blogged under Labour of Love, followed by where we are now at Mummy and the Boy but now with girl bumps pending arrival fast approaching I thought it would be appropriate to blog under a name that is about us all - mummy, daddy, Alfie and girl bump after all - it won't just be Mummy and the boy after September!

I made the decision a few weeks ago and have had lots of help from very lovely people and want to take the opportunity to thank them in everything they have done for me these last few weeks!

The lovely Chelle at Unique Chic - without Chelle I would never have done this!  Chelle pretty much set it all up for me so that all I had to do was go in - tweak the design a little and! Thank you lovely xx

I've had some fantastic design work by Adele over at Blue Lights Photography.  Adele and I have been friends for years and I am a massive fan of her work so I am extremely excited and grateful at how kind she has been helping me.

I've also had a little help from Donna at Redhead Baby Led and Mummy Munch at Life With Munchers.  Thanks for answering the constant silly little questions girls!

I have also had a lot of support from my lovely friend Jayne at Pink Sweetheart who has encouraged and supported me with every blog I have written (and also let me know when I've misspelt something or made a grammatical error!).

So without further ado - I would like to introduce my very lovely blog with huge thank you to all the people I've mentioned and my lovely readers.  I've always loved blogging and now I have a lovely new blog over at:


  1. Love it! The name, design, everything :) x

  2. Oooh wowee! Love your new name :) x