Monday, 2 June 2014

Planning for birth

For those of you who know me or read my blog regularly will know that I'm not one for structure - I'm more of a "suck it and see" kinda gal.  I wouldn't necessarily say I'm laid back, although my mother would completely disagree here probably saying "our Amy is so laid back, she's horizontal".  I just prefer to go with the flow; I find it so much easier dealing with stressful situations if I deal with it as it happens.  Preparation for a lot of people is key to dealing with stressful moments - they need timescales, rotas, planning and routine.  I'm all for whatever works for you - I have no strong opinions on how anything should be done especially where parenting is concerned. 
I didn't have a birth plan when Alfie was born which is just as well really considering how quickly it happened.  I was open to anything and everything and clearly remember screaming I wanted an epidural (didn't bloody get one!) and I certainly didn't plan for haemorrhaging!  I'm still of the same mind set - what will be will be and I will see what happens when the time comes for it however this time I do want to be a little more "prepared".  I don't mean I'm going to write a list out, laminate it and keep it as a bible for birth but I do want to feel a little more in control when it comes to the time.  I've booked some hypnobirthing classes that start in June and the lovely @Mummy_and_Wifey is sending me her hypnobirthing books so I can read up too.  When I had Alfie, I hadn't really heard of hypnobirthing so it never occurred to me to give it a go.  Mr L is slightly sceptical but the midwife running the classes said that's quite normal.  I didn't have any drugs when I gave birth to Alfie although it certainly wasn't by choice, it just happened too quickly.  I'm not saying I don't want to have any drugs this time around - hypnobirthing for me is about learning to cope and handle labour better.  So that's number 1 on my "list"
On to number 2 - I'd really, really like a water birth.  I've spoken to lots of people and they speak so positively about birthing in water.  My main "resource" has been the lovely Donna over at Redhead Baby Led  who has had two home water births.  I did want a home birth but the consultant and midwives have deemed it unsafe due to my previous PPH (post partum haemorrhage).  It's still unclear as to whether or not I'll be able to have a water birth because of the previous PPH - ideally I'd like to labour AND give birth in the water but at the very least I'd like to labour in the water.  Our chosen hospital has recently undergone a serious upgrade in the maternity department and the labour suite now has 3 birthing pools plus an additional blow up pool should the others be in use.  Previously, there was only 1 pool which hadn't worked for years!  I've heard wonderful things about what water can do for the pain and if it's a natural way of pain relief - I'm there (hate needles so drugs aren't top of my list for this reason!).
Last but not least, I'd really like to go home as soon as possible but again, this all depends on the blood loss.  I'm more at risk to another PPH so if this happens, obviously hospital is the best place for me and baby but I'd really really like to go home the day or day after having girl bump after all, there's no place like home!  I spent almost a week in hospital with Alfie and it was awful being away from Mr L so much and not being in a comfortable surrounding.
That's it really, the rest of it (and the above really) are all down to what happens when it comes down to it!  No plan, no heart setting just going with the flow!


  1. Thanks for the mention Hun :) It sounds like you have your head in completely the right place! Good luck with the hypnobirthing I've heard great things about it x

  2. You should chat to Lianne about Hypnobirthing and her experiences cos thats what her and Darren did with Mikey! x